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Corey Halliday

Recognized as a top instructor, Responsible for Training over 50,000 investors

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Corey is happily married with 4 great children that keep him very active. His interests include study, consulting, and speaking on all subjects related to the financial markets.

In his free time Corey is an avid sports fan. He plays “old man” early morning basketball 3 times a week. He is currently training to run a marathon. He is a huge football fan, cheering for the Denver Broncos having grown up nearest to that team.

He is a 2 time survivor of cancer. His family has adopted the motto “put your head down and power through”, which he loves to hear his children quote when life’s road gets a little bumpy.

Financial success has allowed Corey to travel to various parts of the world. He loves to meet the local people and experience different cultures. Puerto Rico has a special place in his heart having lived there for 2 years.

Corey donates a large percentage of his earnings to charities. Believing that success comes when you do your best to help other succeed.


Corey has been trading the global markets since 2001. He actively trades equities, options, index options, futures, and forex. The chief market analyst for a publicly traded company, Corey provides trade strategies and leadership for his team of professionals. In 2011 Corey developed a weekly trading strategy using SPX index options which have returned +390.6% from March 2011 to date.

Corey has created a complete investing course that is targeted to professional traders. His content covers a wide variety of market knowledge from essentials to advanced options and technical analysis. He has been recognized as a top instructor for two of the most popular online financial education courses and is responsible for training over 50,000 clients throughout the US and Canada.

Corey’s professional career includes successful positions as a Stock Broker, Options Principal, Chief Market Analyst, financial education author, and content creator. Corey is a Series 7 licensed General Securities Representative and a Series 4 licensed Options Principal.

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Learn How We Can Help You Invest Like The Pros


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